Botox – the greatest myths

When the face of a star with too large, unnatural-looking lips looks at us from the cover of a well-known magazine, the first thought that comes to our mind is “botox!” Today, he is often mistakenly associated with just such an unnatural appearance, but in practice it is a way to get rid of many health and beauty problems – let’s check what are the biggest myths about him and give ourselves a chance to change the view about him!

Botox in Brighton – 5 myths that are worth refuting

Myth 1 – Botox distorts the face

This statement can only be true if the procedure is performed incorrectly or if it is performed too often – more than the situation requires. Correctly carried out botox Brighton will not only not deform your face and will not cause the so-called effect of the mask, but it will even refresh its appearance and make it look beautiful – rested and healthy. This is due to the beneficial properties of the botulinum toxin for the skin, as well as the wide possibilities of its use – it will allow you not only to smooth wrinkles, but also to get rid of furrows on the forehead, crow’s feet or drooping eyelid syndrome. And this is only part of the opportunities it offers!

Myth 2 – Botox is only for the elderly

This is also not true – problems with the appearance of the face can get to us at an early age, and teenagers express dissatisfaction with the appearance of their faces. Therefore, botox is a solution commonly used by people of all ages and can help you regardless of what problem you face every day and of course regardless of how old you are.

Myth 3 – Botox is just improving the beauty

Although botox in Brighton or any other place on earth is associated primarily with improving beauty, its properties are much wider and more diverse. The positive properties of botulinum toxin were already known in the 1970s and were quickly used. Currently, it is a great way to solve many problems and treat a whole lot of ailments, including strabismus, excessive sweating or migraines. However, there are many more applications – just consult a specialist!

Myth 4 – Botox is dangerous

This is nonsense, because botox, which is a neurotoxin, is completely natural and fully acceptable to the human body. Thanks to this, you don’t have to be afraid of any problems, ailments or side effects caused by botulinum toxin!

Myth 5 – Botox treatment is complicated

On the contrary! The Botox injection procedure at Brighton is an uncomplicated process that is carried out very efficiently – in 20 minutes on average. It is a very short time that will not disturb your rhythm of the day (after carrying it out, you will return to your normal activities_ and you will not feel any pain or discomfort. Botox is injected intramuscularly, therefore it is one hundred percent effective and will allow you to eliminate their problems – regardless of their size and complexity.